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Our services in Allen TX aim to restore the body to its natural state of optimal health. We offer a wide range of specialized services, therapies and techniques to make your journey to lasting wellness as efficient and effective as possible.

Chiropractic in Allen TX

Chiropractic Allen TX Chiropractic

If you are a little confused about what chiropractic care actually entails, you are most certainly not alone. Many people are confused about the nature of chiropractic treatment and the somewhat poor reputation associated with chiropractic care.


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Acupuncture is a medical treatment that is often used for pain relief. The actual procedure involves inserting very thin needles in different spots in the body, at various depths.


Chiropractic Allen TX Decompression

If you’ve ever experienced back pain you know how debilitating it can be. Millions of Americans who have chronic back pain are looking for a solution and many of the solutions available involve prescription drugs or surgery.

Energy, Weight Loss & Hormones

Chiropractic Allen TX Weightloss Energy

In Holistic medicine, we look at the whole body. Everything is linked to one another. When people are in pain, it’s hard to exercise, when it’s hard to exercise, it’s hard to lose weight.

Temple of Healing (Coming Soon!)

Chiropractic Allen TX Wellness Temple

The Temple of Healing is an adjunct facility housed in the same office as the CA Acupuncture & Chiropractic Clinic.

International Consulting

Chiropractor Allen TX Gregory Steiner

I teach seminars worldwide for those interested in learning about how the healing arts can uplevel their health and lead them to peak performance.

School, Sports & Physicals

Chiropractor Allen TX Gregory Steiner

These physicals are for school age children in grades K-12 primarily for sports or camp activities. A parent or legal guardian must accompany all students under the age of 18.

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